Floating Cover - Potable Water Reservior

LOCATION: Middleton, NS SCOPE OF WORK: Install 45 mil polypropylene flexible floating cover system for 1,000,000 gallon potable water reservoir PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: Town of Middleton, NS

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Background Information and Challenges

The Town of Middleton in Nova Scotia recently completed a project to provide a new cover system for their existing 1,000,000-gallon potable water storage reservoir.

The SGE Group in Halifax reviewed various options for covering the reservoir including rigid roof structures, pitched timber roofs and flexible floating synthetic covers.


After determining that a 45 mil reinforced polypropylene flexible floating cover system was the best choice for this project, Layfield Environmental Systems was awarded a contract to manufacture and install a 45 mil reinforced polypropylene floating cover system.

The design of the cover system was particularly challenging because rainwater trapped on the cover needed to be channeled to a dewatering pump system. The floating cover system also needed to function at various operating levels depending on the elevation of the water in the reservoir.

Requisite performance properties for the floating cover membrane included: cold temperature flexibility, NSF 61 certification, UV resistance, and suitable tensile strength. The polypropylene floating cover supplied by Layfield met all of these rigorous requirements. The floating cover system was based on a defined sump design and included strategically placed attached foam floats, sand filled ballast tubes, four air vents, one access hatch and mechanical anchorage around the perimeter of the cover.

The project took approximately six days to complete.


Municipalities across North America are increasingly using geosynthetic floating covers to help prevent evaporation, reduce contamination, reduce treatment costs and to improve overall water quality.