Floating Cover - Truckee Meadows

LOCATION: Reno Nevada TIMEFRAME: Winter 2004 SCOPE OF WORK: CSPE Cover - Reinforced Polypropylene Liners with leak detentionPROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Truckee Meadows Water Company Contractor: CW Neal

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Client: Truckee Meadows Water Company

This project first involved removing the existing failed liner and cover system. The second stage included installing a double liner system which incorporated a geocomposite leak detection system.  The final stage included installing a Hypalon floating cover with appurtenances including hatches, rainwater pumps, vents and tensioning system.

The scope of the containment project included the following elements:

• Removing existing failed liner and floating cover system using the existing liner as buffering material where possible

• Furnishing, fabricating and installing a secondary RPP liner

• Furnishing a geocomposite leak detection layer and tie it into an existing under drain system

• Furnishing, fabricating and installing the primary RPP liner system

• Furnishing, fabricating and installing a Reinforced CSPE floating cover including all appurtenances such as floats and tensioning system, hatches, vents, rainwater pumps etc.

• Performing leak testing and commissioning of the containment system

This project required working in difficult winter conditions that included wind, snow, ice, rain, and freezing rain. This project also included coordinating with subcontractors and specialty vendors and was successfully completed in February 2004.