Floating Silt Curtain Anthony Henday Bridge

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB

TIMEFRAME: Six month use of floating curtain

SCOPE OF WORK: Supply Floating Silt Curtain (FSC) to contain silt & sediment released during construction or Anthony Henday Bridge

PROJECT PARTNERS: Owners: The City of Edmonton & Province of Alberta

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Joint Project of
The City of Edmonton and
The Province of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Standard Floating Silt Curtain

Due to congestion in the rapidly expanding City of Edmonton, a new freeway is under construction to handle the increase in traffic. There are three new water crossings on the east-west section of the freeway, one of which is the North Saskatchewan River. The “Care of Water” section of the specifications required a floating silt curtain to contain any silt and sediment released during construction close to the river bank. With the recent explosion in the number of staff of the Canadian Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), they have taken over direct responsibilities for enforcing “The Fisheries Act” from local provincial departments of the environment. A permit is required from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans before any work can begin, which can be a lengthy process. Layfield’s Standard Floating Silt Curtain was instrumental for the contractor in receiving his permit to work in the water.

Layfield supplied their Standard Floating Silt Curtain (FSC) constructed of Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) top and bottom with a Typar® geotextile body and EC 102 connection pin (see detail drawing on left). Six standard FSC’s, 13’ deep by 50’ long, were attached end to end to create a three hundred foot long continuous curtain to contain the east shore. The advantages of using 50’ sections instead of a single long curtain are the ability to replace any section due to damage, ability to add or remove curtains as the construction site changes and ease of construction and installation. The curtain stayed in place for over six months during the construction of the bridge. The contractor, engineer and owners were all pleased with the performance of the curtain in this application.

Due to the placement right along the shore the standard FSC is perfect for these types of projects where there is little to no flowing water or wave action. Many situations, such as high water flow or marine applications, require a significantly different design. Layfield can custom design a FSC with a higher strength RPE top and bottom; higher strength and higher flow rate monofilament geotextile along with a more elaborate anchorage system and curtain to curtain connection. Many failures of FSC’s are directly related to the connection between curtains, Layfield has two alternate connection details which change the point loads, with the pin connections, to strip loads, thereby increasing the durability and service life of the FSC. Additionally, higher buoyancy floats can be used to prevent the submergence of the curtains in high flow and wave action situations. Layfield provides in-house design and fabrication services for floating turbidity curtains as well as fixed and floating baffle curtains from our San Diego, California and Edmonton, Alberta geosynthetic operations. As a vertically integrated, ISO 9000 company, Layfield has the experience and capability to meet your custom curtain needs and can fabricate and deliver materials to site on short notice.