Floating Silt Curtain Used at McGregor Lake

Floating Silt Curtain Used in Dam Rehabilitation

Alberta Transportaion

McGregor Lake, AB

25' Deep Floating Silt Curtain

A dam rehabilitation in southern Alberta specified the use of floating silt curtain to contain any sediment that would be released during construction.  Layfield was awarded the job and proceeded to provide the standard curtains as per specifications.  It was apparent after installation that due to the wave action present in the lake the standard steel chain ballast would be insufficient for this project.  After consultation with the site engineer a new ballast system was developed and the site is now under containment.  This project shows that more often than not standard designs for floating silt curtains must be converted to fit the needs of a particular project.  Layfield has the experience and the capability to assist in any design changes required and can manufacture and deliver the new curtains to site quickly.