Frac Water Containment System

LOCATION: Various locations in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin TIMEFRAME: February – March 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Frac Water Storage Tank Liner MATERIALS: 140’ x 140’ stepped tabbed liner EL 4030 PROJECT PARTNERS Owners: Poseidon Concepts Material supplier: Layfield

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Poseidon Concepts had come to us requesting a way to keep the liner in place while lifting into position the liner walls. The tank is a 105’ diameter with a 12’ high steel wall. The problem was wind would get under the liner during deployment causing a potential safety issue and failure of the installation. The remote locations and tight installation time lines required us to come up with a cost effective solution.


We discussed several options – each one either being ineffective, too costly or too time consuming to build in volume on the production plant floor. The solution Craig Elzinga, Ruben Mellado, Ed Wilanowski and Dave Mueller and I came up with was a series of tabs welded onto each panel around the outer edge designed to protrude outside the containment steel wall.

The Liner is deployed then folded in on itself prior to the wall system being erected. The steel wall panel is placed on top of the extended tab to anchor the liner in place across the bottom of the tank floor. The liner is then lifted over top of the assembled tank and held in place with a special clamp system completing the installation. Since the liner is now staggered or stepped we have eliminated the waste material and the amount of material that must be lifted over the wall.


The new design addresses all of the clients concerns. Due to the new stepped, staggered design we have reduced the overall weight of the liner and created a hold down mechanism to enable the safe deployment on this large one piece unit in anything but gale force wind conditions. Happy satisfied client. Safe deployment of large custom fabricated and folded liners. Since the new designed stepped tabbed liners have been put into service, every install has worked very well with out any time delays and more importantly no accidents.
Thanks to all the Layfield staff involved from the initial client meeting, through prototyping on the new design, field testing and then full scale production pulled off with a hitch.