GeoBlock 5150 – NAIT Centre for Applied Technology

LOCATION:  Edmonton, AB TIMEFRAME: Aug 2016 – Sept 2016 SCOPE OF WORK: Common Walk Way / Vehicle Turnaround (260 m2 / 520 units ) PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology) Engineer: Stantec General Contractor:  Clark Builders Sub Contractor: G&J Parking Lot Maintenance Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada Ltd.

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Background Information and Challenge

The NAIT – Centre for Applied Technology Building is tightly situated amongst other campus buildings and shares a common laneway /delivery access route.  This is where utility and delivery trucks would access.  Such an area is what one would typically find on the backside of a building and not typically frequented by regular pedestrian traffic. There is also limited space in which to  design green space, for these buildings to share.          


As a result, Geoblock 5150 permeable pavement was selected by the engineer.   In the event a truck needs to access this area, the GeoBlock will effectively handle any vehicle turning stresses and torsional loads, while protecting the topsoil and vegetative root zone.  Additionally, regular pedestrain traffic would not severley damage or wear the turf.  


Installation from start to finsih went very quickly.  Prior to the installation the contractor had some additional concerns regarding a catch basin in the centre of the area and differing heights on either side of the site.  This naturally meant that there would be some pitch and limited slope to tackle with in the installation.  The Geoblock was easily cut and placed ariound the catch basin and countoured to the slope very nicely.  Since the installation was completed near the end of September, rather then seed the area they elected the option of sod infil,l since there would be an immediate root structure, and  allow for quicker turn around in the Spring.  The finished results speak for themselves.