Geoblock Permeable Paving for Private Residence

LOCATION: Private Residence, Crescent Beach, Surrey, B.C., Canada TIMEFRAME: April 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Excavate existing sod and other organic materials, install sub-grade , GEOBLOCK permeable paver system & new sod PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Rose Client: Took Engineering Installation: Martin Pro Builders Material supplier: Layfield Geosynthetics / Presto Geosystems

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The contractor & design team were challenged with the boulevard section of a high end residence that was undergoing a full scale restoration. The boulevard is routinely used as overflow parking by visitors to the neighborhood. This created rutting and damage to the sod area ruining the appearance of the landscaping and creating an on going maintenance issue. In addition, the boulevard presented a hazard in wet conditions as a loaded Fire Engine would not be able to travel on it to obtain access to the residence.


Hard engineering like paving stones or concrete would neither provide the desired aesthetics nor an environmentally friendly result. The Geoblock Permeable Paving System was selected as it allowed for the use of sod that fit with the landscape design, solved the safety issue with H20 load support (36.3 tonne), and eliminated any environmental issues by allowing storm water to infiltrate back into the landscape; significantly reducing storm water run-off.


The sod had been laid only a few weeks when it experienced its first test; an open house / birthday party. The GeoBlock System provided the necessary protection to the turf while supporting the tire loading through the system’s wall structure. Spring time on the B.C. coast is typically very wet and the permeable paving system ensured that most of the water infiltrated back into the ground keeping the street free of silt run-off.
The landscape contractor was very pleased with the GeoBlock System. He said “The GeoBlock was quick and easy to install and a great asset to any boulevard”