Geotube - Oil and Gas Facility Pond Cleaning

LOCATION: Edmonton, Alberta Area TIMEFRAME: Fall 2013 & Spring 2014 SCOPE OF WORK: Removal of accumulated sediment within 2 ponds and placement of the slurry into Geotube® Containers PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Oil and Gas Owner Installation and Polymer Processing: Layfield Dredging Contractor: Canada Pump & Power

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Oil & Gas Facility Pond Cleaning Project Background and Challenges

This facility would draw water from a nearby river for cooling/process related functions. While pumping the water from the river, silts and sediments built up into the North and South Raw Water Clarification Ponds. Over time these silts and sediments accumulated within the ponds and blocked the suction header pipes which were used to remove the water from these two ponds. The energy producer needed to clean the ponds in order to unblock the suction header pipes and allow them to perform their function.

Geotube® Pond Cleaning Solution

Layfield was contacted to provide a turn-key solution for the dewatering and desludging of the North Raw Water Clarification Pond (fall of 2013) and the South Raw Water Clarification Pond (spring of 2014) using Geotube® containers. Geotube® containers are manufactured with special high strength woven geotextiles and are a very cost effective option in dewatering applications. Adjacent to the pond a Geotube® laydown area was constructed and lined to capture the filtrate water that was released from the Geotube® containers. The water and solids were pumped from the pond. Prior to injection into the Geotube®, a cationic polyacrylamide polymer (flocculant) was added into the sludge slurry. The flocculant was used to bind the sludge particles together while releasing water from the particle. The combined solution was then injected into Geotube® containers where the water was released as a filtrate and the solids remained in the Geotube® container.

Geotube® Pond Cleaning Results

The solids were captured within the Geotube® containers as planned and without damaging the Geomembrane Liner. While onsite Layfield also performed a visual geomembrane liner inspection to ensure no additional mechanical damage had occurred. The Geotube® containers performed as expected by releasing the filtrate water and trapping the solids within. Since the project was performed over a two year period, substantial dewatering and solids consolidation occurred over the winter of 2013, which allowed Layfield to come back in the spring of 2014 and pump the silt and sediment slurry into the original Geotube® containers. By reusing Geotube® containers the client was able to significantly reduce its desludging costs.

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