Geoweb Reinforced Drilling Platform Angle Energy

LOCATION: OLDS Area SCOPE OF WORK: Geoweb and High Strength Textile Installation OWNER: Angle Energy

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Geoweb Reinforced Drilling Platform Angle Energy


Background Information and Challenge

Layfield was asked to provide a solution for year round access for equipment to service and maintain a conventional well site pad. Several new wells to be drilled on this same pad and since this location is not tied into a pipeline this requires continual heavy tanker truck traffic to access the site. Due to very weak soil conditions, large ruts are continually being created when driving across location. The challenge was to provide a solution that was less expensive than typical “Rig or Swamp Matting” that can be installed during winter construction season and left in place for the life of the lease. Low maintenance and low acquisition cost for the owner, using local labor to install. This initial project consisted of a drilling pad approximately 70m x 120m (8400m2)


Solution and Results

Presto Geoweb GW30V6 cellular confinement and Mirafi HP270 high strength geotextile where chosen for this project, as they provided the most cost effective solution given the parameters we were given. Installation was completed in less than one day. The owner had provided a small crew of six to assemble and deploy this project. After our initial tool box meeting and installation training we started the first section at the edge of the pad at 9:00am and finished before 2:00pm. Bearing capacity of the thin 200mm lift of gravel was substantially improved using the Geoweb material and the Mirafi HP270 high strength textile for separation and reinforcement. Though the effects of confinement the system creates an additional 150 Kpa of cohesion to supplied granular material, allowing us to create a stable platform that will withstand the heavy truck traffic without rutting.