Hampton Inn

LOCATION: Chilliwack, BC, Canada  TIMEFRAME: Spring 2013  SCOPE OF WORK: Construction Film Installation  PROJECT PARTNERS: Pro-Line Construction Materials Martco Insulating Odessa Ventures


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Background Information and Challenges

Martco Insulating, acting as a subcontractor for Odessa ventures, installed Layfield CGSB construction film as a vapour barrier for the new commercial construction project: Hampton Hotel in Chilliwack. The Layfield 6mil CGSB film was sold to Martco Insulating by Pro-Line Construction Materials. Pro-Line purchases truckload quantities of Layfield CGSB construction film and supplies drywall and insulation contractors from their five branches’ across British Columbia.


The polyethane sheeting installed at the Hampton Inn is a requirement of the National Building Code for use in residential and commercial construction the NBC specifies that polyethylene sheeting used in these applications is to be manufactured according to CAN/CGSB 51.34-M86 standards. Layfield has had this designation since 1988.




Layfield was able to supply an approved CGSB construction film through Pro-Line Materials to Martco that will help to achieve:

  1. Save on heating costs
  2. Energy effciency
  3. Health problems cased by mold

Martco was an excellent, Professional contracter and the CGSB construction film installations went according to plan.