Haul Road Rehabilitation Using Geosynthetics

LOCATION: Cold Lake, AB TIMEFRAME: 2019 PRODUCT: HP570 and Presto Geoweb GW30V 150mm(6”) PROJECT PARTNERS:  Layfield Geosynthetics

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The owner and the maintenance manager for the site described the main access point to their plant as a maintenance nightmare. The access point was deteriorating from heavy traffic on site and mud pumping up from the poor subgrade. The Client had to regrade continually and compact gravel in the area to allow for vehicles to pass safely.  Layfield recommended the Geoweb® load support system to fix the issue. Installing Tencate/Mirafi® HP570 high strength geotextile with the Presto Geoweb® cellular confinement system over the prepared weak subgrade was completed by the local maintenance contractor. The Geoweb® system was deployed and filled with well-graded crushed gravel, then topped with a 25mm crush as a wear surface. This cross-section allowed for continuous heavy loads to pass over the subgrade without rutting or deformation. Ten weeks after the initial installation, the area of concern shows impressive results. The performance of the road has dramatically reduced the frequency and severity of maintenance, providing added value to the products in this application. The project owner has been very impessed with the results.