Hazgard 100 Vapor Barrier - Refilling Station

LOCATION: Markham, Ontario TIMEFRAME: October 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply and Installation of HZ100 and LP16 beneath the Convenience Store and all Site Servicing Utilities PROJECT PARTNERS Imperial Oil Limited Barenco an exp Company ECS Engineering and Construction

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This new Esso refilling station has been constructed on the same site as a recently decommissioned and demolished Esso refilling station. The soils on this site were found to be contaminated by gasoline and hydrocarbons so much so that the MOE required that the owner either remove all the contaminated soil from the site or provide a suitable vapour barrier underneath. The convenience store and all the site servicing utilities or the project would not be approved for construction otherwise. The environmental engineer, Barenco, needed to find a cost effective and reliable solution to meet the strict requirements of the MOE and also to meet the budgetary requirements of their high profile client, Imperial Oil Limited.


Layfield supplied and installed 230m2 of Hazgard 100 with a protective layer of LP16 above and below the liner underneath convenience store of the refilling station and all site servicing utilities, as specified. The liner was mechanically fastened to the grade beams of the convenience store on the inside face only with galvanized flat bar. The 410LM of site servicing utilities included 30 catch basins and 9 penetrations in the form of pipe end terminations.


The Hazgard 100 geomembrane was successfully installed in less than 5 days keeping the project on schedule and well within budget. The physical characteristics of the Hazgard 100 geomembrane; flexibility, superior chemical and vapour resistant and the skill and proficiency of our fabrication and construction teams provided a reliable and cost effective solution that met the demands of a stringent regulator, the MOE and a very high profile and owner, Imperial Oil Limited.