Hazgard 1000 - Containment of Fuel Tank Farm

LOCATION: Voisey's Bay, Labrador, NL TIMEFRAME: November 2003 SCOPE OF WORK: Containment of a Gasoline & Diesel Fuel Tank Farm PROJECT PARTNERS Owner: INCO - Voisey's Bay Contractors: IKC Borealis

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Project Details

This critical containment project was a gasoline and diesel fuel tank farm located in a remote area of Labrador, Canada.  All equipment had to be floated or flown into the jobsite because the area was inaccessible by road.  This led to a small window of time for the installation of the geomembrane.

Hazgard 1000 was chosen for its excellent hydrocarbon resistance, physical and cold temperature properties.  Hazgard is specifically designed to meet the ULC/ORD-C58.9 (1997) requirement that is now part of the National Fire Code of Canada.

Layfield working with its partner, Atlantic Poly Liners Inc. from Nova Scotia supplied and installed 10,000 m2 (108,000 ft/2) of Hazgard 1000 in November 2003.  The project was successfully installed on time and within budget.