Hazgard Liner - Soil Remediation

LOCATION: Vancouver, BC SCOPE OF WORK: Supply Hazgard 100 for soil remediation PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Private Developer Engineer: NEXT Environmental Contractor: Safety Kleen Supplier: Layfield

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 A private developer was unable to commence construction on a prime parcel of land due to a high content of hydrocarbon and heavy metal contaminated soils on site.  The soils needed to comply with government standards for commercial land use before development could commence.


On site bioremediation treatment of the soil and ground water was the selected remedial strategy.  Numerous geomembrane lined bio cells were constructed on the site to facilitate the remedial process.  Proper selection of the correct geomembrane material was critical.  Geomembrane selection criteria included:


  1. highly resistant to hydrocarbons and heavy metals
  2. ultra violet light resistance
  3. high puncture resistance
  4. quick installation turn around time (prefabricated panels delivered to site for installation when required)
  5. field repairable by contractor
  6. water containment treatment cells needed to be completely liquid tight

The engineering firm selected Hazgard® 100 and contracted Layfield Geosynthetics & Industrial Fabrics Ltd. as the geomembrane supplier.  Hazgard® 100 met all the engineer’s criteria, particularly Hazgard’s® ability to be prefabricated into large panels.  This was very important to the contractor as it greatly reduced installation time (80% less field welds) and enabled the contractor to employ his own work force.   Layfield provided one field technician to direct the contractor’s work force, hot wedge weld the liner panels together, and perform and document QA/QC tests on all field welds.


Layfield prefabricated a total of 150,000 ft2 of Hazgard® 100 in panels as large as 18,000 ft2 each.  The three separate bio cells were constructed and lined during differ phases of the project, with each cell taking only one day to line, c/w testing.