HSWG & Geogrid Deployment

LOCATION: Fort McMurray, Alberta TIMEFRAME: December 2011 – March 2012 SCOPE OF WORK: Deployment of 750,000 m2 of HSWG along with Geogrid

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After declining to assist Suncor in their deployment requirements the previous winter, Layfield was determined to be the full scale solution provider and get back on site. Suncor had asked for a per m2 installed price versus simply a day rate in the past. With temperatures reaching -45 degrees C, extra safety precautions were necessary.


Our strategy was to focus on our strengths: Commitment to safety was critical. We are local whereas our competitors were not. We have a large workforce and can add resources as required. Layfield had established themselves as a reputable supplier in the past and of course competitive pricing. All these were factors that were instrumental in Layfield being awarded the contract.


Layfield was awarded an installation contract for Suncor Pond 5. The work was completed ahead of schedule and with no time lost due to accidents. Suncor and Layfield have entered into discussions using the same technology for Pond 6.