HypaFlex™ CSPE Floating Covers in Mining

LOCATION: Australia PRODUCT: HypaFlex™ CSPE   PROJECT PARTNERS: Supplier - Layfield Geosynthetics

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Across much of Australia, water is a scarce commodity. Mining companies need an extraction license to use groundwater for potable water, mineral processing activities, dust suppression etc. At many Australian mine sites, maximum daytime temperatures can exceed 45°C (113°F) with annual evaporation rates averaging 3100mm (122 in) with average annual rainfall in the vicinity of only 140mm (5.5 in).
As a result, there is an emerging trend of using geosynthetic floating covers to conserve water resources to eliminate losses due to evaporation, algal growth and airborne contaminants, dust associated with wind in arid regions and mining activities. In mining applications, floating covers are increasingly used to prevent dilution and contamination of the process water stored under the cover system. The covers also help prevent wildlife and bird migration into these process water ponds.
Mine sites with large mineral deposits typically have a long-term focus and require floating covers with proven long-term durability in often very harsh conditions. HypaFlex™ Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) is the material of choice for many of these applications due to its proven durability, excellent weathering resistance, abrasion resistance, excellent chemical resistance to chlorine and other disinfectants and corrosion inhibitors typically used in processing equipment.
Layfield has had a significant history in the design, supply, installation, and maintenance of HypaFlex™ CSPE liners and floating covers since the 1970s, working closely with Burke Industries. We continue to be leaders in this field.