Hypalon 45 Floating Cover - Service & Maintenance Program

LOCATION: Grand Forks, BC SCOPE OF WORK: Inspect condition of 30 year old Mechanically Tensioned cover system and repair where necessary PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of Grand Forks

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Material: Hypalon 45 Floating Cover


City of Grand Forks, British Columbia Floating Cover Inspection and Repair


The City of Grand Forks’ Mill Creek Reservoir houses the City’s potable water supply and is fit with a Hypalon floating cover to provide protection from contaminants and loss of reserve through evaporation. 


The City of Grand Forks specifically requested the services of Layfield to complete an inspection on the condition of the 30 year old Mechanically Tensioned cover system and to complete repairs identified in the cover geomembrane.


Layfield provided a crew complete with an Engineer and a Project Manager specializing in floating cover technology to perform the inspection and repair.  A detailed inspection report was provided to the city outlining recommendations on improving the performance of the system as well as a maintenance program to maximize the systems useful life.


Layfield is an industry leader in design, fabrication and installation of geomembranes and floating cover systems and provides a full service and maintenance program.  This program is designed to maximize the longevity and performance properties of the containment system.