LOCATION: Cambridge, Ontario  PRODUCT: Turbidity Barrier PROJECT OWNER: Intermarket Inc. IP Park Industrial Campus MATERIAL SUPPLIER AND INSTALLER: Layfield Geosynthetics DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR: In4structure CONSULTANTS: MTE

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During the construction of a new 400acre industrial park in Cambridge Ontario, environmental control measures were required to protect a wetland from the impacts of silt and sediment. Turbid water is hazardous to native wetland species like the fish and beaver.  To mitigate these issues, the site servicing contractor contacted Layfield for guidance on selection and installation of a temporary floating barrier to help protect the wetland.
Layfield assessed the site requirements and recommended the FSC MTO Turbidity Curtain, which exceeds the Ontario Provincial Standards.  The FSC MTO is a high visibility floating curtain consisting of prefabricated curtains each measuring 2.28m deep x 15.23m long. The curtains are connected in series using the male/female flap to create a 91m seamless curtain to prevent silt escape. The curtains are fabricated by Layfield Canada and include a nylon load line and ballast chain pocket to keep the curtain plumb and secure during operation. The curtain was deployed in a single length across the pond using two small boats and tied off to the shoreline at 2 anchor points.  The installation crew deployed 20lb marine mushroom anchors and floats to keep the curtain in position.  Furling lines were used to adjusted the curtain depth and contour of the pond.   The installation was very efficient and only took one day to complete.  The client is very pleased with the end result of installation and performance.  Shortly after the installation of the barrier, a high wind event was experienced in the area, and the curtains remained in placed and securely anchored.
Testimonials:  In4structure: “I’m very pleased with the installation of the turbidity barriers. Our site can continue without disruption now that the barrier is in place.” 

MTE : “It was a pleasure working with the guys from Layfield. The ladies from NRSI doing inspection and myself were very impressed with the care which was taken during the installation of the turbidity curtain in the GRCA controlled wet land.”