Largest AquaDam® Ever Built

LOCATION:  Fort MacKay, Alberta TIMEFRAME: 2017 SCOPE OF WORK: A 10' x 1050' Aqua Dam crossing the Athabsca river north of Fort Mackay, AB PROJECT PARTNERS: Layfield - Installation and Supply, Contractor

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Background Information and Challenge

Installation of a new pipeline within a Wetland near Fort McKay AB.  A contractor contacted Layfield with interest in the Aqua Dam to isolate the work area for the dig to protect the wetland and work in a dry space.  Some of the Challenges we saw with this project were cold winter installation, a lengthy water front to isolate and various water depths.  

Solutions and Results

In the beginning the concept was to use multiple sections of 6’ high x 100’ Long Aqua Dams but due to winter conditions, working in cold water and unanticipated water depths, the decision was changed to use a 10’ tall x 1050’ Long single piece Aqua Dam to reduce seepage, reduce installation hazards and to allow continuous coverage over the varying depths of water in the pond. Layfield’s top notch service and quick turnaround supply for this project resulted in a successful project for the client and minimal impact to the environment while working around this wetland.