Massey Tunnel Replacement- Transformer Relocation

LOCATION:  George Massey Tunnel- Richmond and Delta, BC TIMEFRAME: April and May 2017
SCOPE OF WORK: Install Geoweb/ Geotextile combo for access road and temporary utility pad PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: BC HydroEngineer: BC Hydro Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Background Information and Challenge

The George Massey Tunnel Replacement project is a highly anticipated project for commuters in the 1-(5).jpglower mainalnd.  The existing tunnel is going to be replaced with a bridge to improve congestion on a very busy highway 99.  BC Hydro has existing infrastructure at the tunnel that needed to be moved for the construciton of the new bridge. 

Two transformer pads, one on the north and one on the south side of the tunnel, had to be relocated before the construction works could commence.  This put them in a challenging spot to design something quickly that would satisfy their requirements and to turn it around in a very short time frame for construction to begin.  The area above the tunnel has weak soils and the new trasnformer pads would need to be able to handle traffic loads from heavy trucks and withstand seismic activity.


Layfield suggested the use of a high strength woven separator fabric; HP570, along with a 6” Presto Geoweb product for both the access roads and transformer pads to meet the loading and seismic requirements.  From there we provided BC Hydro engineers with a preliminary design for both areas, which they were able to include in construction drawings.


BC Hydro was able to take preliminary desing and stamp off on their final construction drawings for this project in a matter of 2 weeks from the first meeting..  From there product was ordered and on site 2 weeks later for beginning of project.  BC Hydro’s Construction division installed the product on both sides of the tunnel in a span of just a few days.  They commented on the ease of installation and how quickly it all went in, they were very happy with the end result.