Mount Denis Child Care Facility

LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario  PRODUCT: Supply of GEOWEB® and RS280i® Woven Geotextile PROJECT OWNER: City of Toronto MATERIAL SUPPLIER AND INSTALLER: Layfield Geosynthetics DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR: MJ Dixon Construction, Drain Land CONSULTANTS: Masongsong Associates

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During the construction of the Mount Denis Child Care Facilty, Toronto’s largest and first net-zero childcare facility, the contractor faced a significant challenge. The contractor had to operate a crane directly over the top of an installed belowground stormwater infiltration system. The Brentwood Stormtank® 25 series is a heavy-duty infiltration gallery installed beneath the finished parking surface to collect and infiltrate stormwater below the surface. To mitigate the potential risk of damage to the Stormtank®, the contractor reached out to Layfield for a solution to help reduce ground pressure from the cranes outrigger that needed to be positioned over the tank before final pavement. Layfield worked with Presto Geosystems to provide a multi-layer GEOWEB® system to help create a safe working pad beneath the outrigger. The GEOWEB® outrigger pad consisted of a layer of RS280I® high-efficiency woven geotextile followed by two layers of Presto GEOWEB® GW30V6. The GEOWEB® system was deployed overtop of the RS280i® and was filled with a ¾” crushed granular and compacted.  The installed system reduced the 90,000lb outrigger pressure to within the HS25 operating limits of the Brentwood Stormtank® system.