New BioGas to Utility System

LOCATION: Riverdale, CA TIIMEFRAME: January 2008 SCOPE OF WORK: Design and install flexible gas collection floating cover for digesters PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Bio Energy Solutions Supplier: Layfield

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Why was product used:

This is the first of a planned 125 digester covers that will incorporate a cluster concept of anaerobic digesters. Each cluster will comprise of four to six digesters with a flexible gas collection cover. The gas will be collected and piped to a single farm where the gas will be purified and sold to Pacific Gas and Electric. 

Project Obstacles Faced:

From the time that financing was approved this was a very fast track project with a customer who did not fully understand the weather constraints of installing floating covers during the rainy season or the delays that permitting would cause. In addition as the gas was being sold the customer wanted the cover to have an internal storage capacity of approximately 14 days of maximum gas production.


In order to meet the construction timetable BioEnergy Solutions needed a partner who not only knew how to design and install a floating cover, but they also needed to fast track this project through a very conservative regulatory process. Layfield developed a partnership with Provost and Pritchard to design and fast track the permitting for the first anaerobic digester cover. In addition Layfield assisted BioEnergy Solutions by introducing them to other subcontractors who have the needed expertise to make this project happen on schedule.

The dimensions of the digester are 600’ x 400’ with a depth of 33 feet. It has a liquid capacity of 30 million gallon capacity. The lagoon has a 14 day gas storage capacity. 

Layfield designed this cover to allow for stabilization while inflated with an interconnected webbing of ballast tubes that will allow the cover to survive the potential high winds during periods of gas collection. This design was reviewed and approved by our engineering partner


Layfield committed to a fast track schedule on this project and finished the installation on time and to the customer’s satisfaction. Layfield established our name with the owner of BioEnergy Solutions as a quality and dependable company to partner with on Digesters. Based on the successful completion of the first project BioEnergy Solutions has committed the next two covers to Layfield. They are also talking to Layfield to provide alternative material choices on future projects that will provide economy while maintaining high quality standards.