Pipeline Maintenance Dig

LOCATION:  Southern Saskatchewan TIMEFRAME: September 2016 SCOPE OF WORK:  River Isolation for Pipeline Maintenance PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: North American Pipeline Company Engineer: Stantec Installation and Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Background Information and Challenge

During the regularly scheduled inspection/maintenance process a section of pipe was identified with some possible damage. The noted pipe section was situated beneath a stream bed. In order to perform a proper investigation and possible repairs the pipe section needed to be exposed and examined. Since the stream was fish bearing it was necessary for the Owner to divert the water flow around the work area rather than cut off the flow altogether.

The watershed for the river basin covers an area of approximately 18,000 km2 and is susceptible to rapid swelling as a result of heavy rainfall upstream. Given this the diversion method needed to with stand a 1:100 year rainfall event.


Layfield was contacted during the design phase of this project to review the project in its entirety. Due to the potential of the stream to swell rapidly it was decided that 2 - 4.8m x 26m AquaDams would be utilized (1 upstream and 1 downstream of the diversion). In addition to the AquaDam a SuperFlume would be incorporated to direct the water flow around the work site. It would later be decided onsite that a 1.8m x 15m AquaDam would be installed at the downstream location.


Layfield was able to supply and assist with the installation of the AquaDam alongside the Owner and General Contractor. The inspection and repair was able to take place as designed which insured the integrity of the pipeline system.