Prefabricated Liner for Fish Farm

LOCATION: Miami FL TIMEFRAME: December 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Furnish & Install Liner for Fish farm PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Sun AquaPonics General Contractor: Layfield Environmental

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This project came to us via our website back in September 2011. This company owned a nursery but after the down turn in the market, they decided to change their focus into growing Tilapia. They partnered with one of the most respected Engineers in the world to design a fully sustainable system with minimum human input and maximum return. The idea is to sell this process to other parties around the world as a sustainable business model.

The system design consists of hatching tanks that are under a controlled environment as well as growth ponds and collection ponds. All ponds are linked through channels, and the water circulates from pond to pond allowing the fish to swim from one tank to the next in the process with minimum human contact. To allow for cleaning of waste there is a 12” diameter pipe at the bottom of each pond that suctions all waste into a composting facility where it turns into fertilizer that is used to fertilize vegetables for human consumption.

The main challenge was that the water table on the site is very close to the surface (about 4’) which made the construction of the tanks difficult. Materials used in building the walls of the tanks were not as sturdy as originally thought; therefore any extrusion welding required along the walls was done by an experienced Layfield technician and not by the customer’s personnel. While on site, we provided training to the staff of AquaPonicsi on using the welding equipment they purchased from us so they could perform subsequent installs.


We used a 12 oz/sy geotextile under the liner on bottom & walls to protect the liner. Walls were reinforced and soil was placed in the back as reinforcement. Customer’s staff was trained in using the equipment and they have successfully installed 2 more prefabricated liners and several small liners in the hatching tanks using roll stock.


Liner and training was done in 9 days in which time the customer’s crew was trained in using both the Extrusion gun and the Leisters that they purchased from Layfield. The projects are performing extremely well and the customer is extremely satisfied. This site will have a total of 15 ponds & 12 hatching tanks before the end of 2012. In the 4 months after installation, 5 other opportunities have been generated from this project in different parts of the world.