Reinforced Slope - E'Grids Vernon, BC

LOCATION: Vernon, BC PRODUCT: E’GRID Uniaxial Geogrids PROJECT PARTNERS: Layfield Plastics, Matcon Excavation, Fletcher-Paine Consulting Engineers

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Challenge: The mountainous terrain of towns such as Vernon, British Columbia, Canada combined with the growing amount of residential construction in the province has made for increasingly difficult construction situations in most of BC’s municipalities. As these developments progress upwards, onto mountainsides, the need for retaining walls of varying heights and lengths is increasing as well. In order to provide strength and safety to these walls, a varying amount of Geogrid must be used to reinforce the soil structures.

Solution: Layfield, in cooperation with Matcon Excavation, and Fletcher-Paine Consulting Engineers, was able to supply large amounts of Geogrid to the site, in styles that corresponded with the construction of each particular retaining wall. Layfield was also able to work closely with both the contractor and the engineer, to ensure proper design elements were met and/or exceeded.  The use of Layfield geogrids and technical support services played an important role in the successful completion of this project. 

Materials Used: With phase 1 of 4 almost complete, Layfield has supplied approximately 55,000 lineal meters of various sizes of Uniaxial E’GRID Geogrid and expects to continue working with Matcon and Fletcher-Paine on all future phases.  

Special Features: E’GRID Uniaxial Geogrids offer excellent long term design strengths in retaining wall applications. By locking soils in place, these Geogrids effectively provide positive reinforcement for retaining walls.  

Layfield Geosynthetics:  Layfield is a leading North American Geosynthetic company which provides a full line of soil reinforcement, erosion and sediment control products.  Layfield also offers engineering technical support services on its products and projects.