Removal of Suspended Sediments - Highway 407 Extension

LOCATION:  Courtice, Ontario TIMEFRAME: July 2016 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply & Install Sediment Removal Process using Clearflow Polymer & Geotubes PROJECT PARTNERS: TBG Contracting Highway 407/Blackbird Infrastructure

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Background Information and Challenge

26 million litres of water was to be pumped using a 1-(1).pngsingle 150mm (6”) pump. Pond had to be completely dewatered and discharged into local receiving watercourse. The discharge was required to meet local regulatory guidelines. As well, the process needed to run with little to no intervention.  Just needed someone to turn the pump on and monitor occasionally.


Water Lynx™ polymer blocks and Treated Geo-Jute™ contain anionic polyacrylamide (PAM). PAM is safe, easy to use, and very effective at solids removal, achieving rates up to 95%. It’s called anionic because it has a net negative charge, allowing it to bind with positively charged soil particles. Other contaminants bound to the soil particles are also removed from suspension.
Components included: Clearflow Pipe Reactor “Bazooka”™, Water Lynx™ polymer blocks, Treated Geo-jute™ materials, Ten- Cate Geotubes®, Pumps and hoses to carry flow, Liner for clarifying ditch.

Zone A: Optimal Flow Velocity 1m/sec
Dosing è Mixing è Reacting
Zone B: Optimal Flow Velocity 0.15m/sec
Settling è Filtration è Outlet/Monitoring


2-(1).pngThis project was both economically and environmentally beneficial, as the products can be reused in future dewatering projects. Significantly decreased the amount of TSS through 3 water treatment techniques from over 700 NTU to an acceptable level of less than 15 NTU.

Ability to accommodate different sized pumps to allow for minimal dewatering time. The pump functioned automatically and worked well with the designed system, which resulted in minimal supervision. The site was under close scrutiny to the local environmental authorities, whom were satisfied with the results.