River Run West Development Lakeside, CA

LOCATION: Lakeside, CA : Enviro Liner 1030 LLDPE   Project Partners: Supplier  - Layfield Geosynthetics 

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Shortly after moving into our new office space in Lakeside, CA, the ground was broken on property adjacent to Layfield to construct multiple new commercial and warehouse buildings. The project featured multiple large bio-retention basins to collect and filter newly created stormwater runoff before releasing it downstream at a controlled rate to the San Diego River. Layfield worked with the grading contractor to field measure, custom fabricate, and supply impermeable liners to line these basins to limit cross-contamination with native soils. Layfield was able to custom fabricate panels in our controlled warehouse space, minimizing the amount of field seaming the contractor performed, and ensuring experienced fabricators performed all seams. The completed liner was folded and rolled onto a cardboard core (figure 1 below) for easy installation in the field by the contractor (figure 2). Layfield supplied pipe boot installation kits, which included pre-formed pipe boots and accessories needed to install and secure the liner around pipe penetration areas properly. Layfield also supplied an anchor bar to properly secure the liner to vertical retaining walls or concrete structures. Once lined the basins were filled with a gravel drainage layer, and a soil matrix of specially sourced media to filter out pollutants and finished with decorative mulch and vegetation (figure 3). 

PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Lakeside Land Company, Engineer: Spears and Associates Contractor, Mike Sampo Supplier: Layfield Geosynthetics 

(Figure 1)