Saint Albert Dewatering

Dewatering of contaminated area in an efficient and cost-friendly way. LOCATION: Saint Albert, AB, CanadaSCOPE OF WORK:Dewatering of Contaminated Area PROJECT PARTNERS: Clearflow

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Background Information

The site in question had a contaminated area with a body of release water that exceeded regulatory requirements. There were extremely fine sediments and heavy metals present in the water. Heavy rain did not do this site any favours. It filled this site to excess and the sediment loads were too high to be released offsite.


Using Clearflow Water Lynx was the best approach to this project. The Water Lynx ditch system is an excellent channel for dewatering or clarification. Installation of 30 mil Enviro flex smooth LLDPE was utilized to control ditch failure and potential water scouring at base of the ditch.

The Water Lynx blocks were installed in sequence at the base of the ditch. These blocks were used for treatment of inflow water.

For polishing and sediment capture, Soil Lynx treated jute was used. The jute was rolled into the base of the ditch and tented with rock checks, sand bags and Enviro berm.