Spray Applied Geomembrane

LOCATION: Edmonton, AB SCOPE OF WORK: Secondary containment through Permax 700 Polyurea Spray Applied geomembrane PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: ATCO Pipelines

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Like many office buildings, the ATCO Pipelines building thermal fluid heating system uses Ethylene Glycol as the heat transfer fluid (HTF).  On occasion, the pump seals would fail causing a release of the glycol into a nearby floor drain, losing the system HTF.  ATCO had shown due diligence in attempting to contain the spills using absorbent booms, however maintenance of these proved to be a hassle.


ATCO Pipelines contacted Layfield to provide a solution to ensure that all system failures resulting in a loss of the HTF were contained.


Layfield utilized a Permax 700 Polyurea Spray Applied geomembrane to provide the secondary containment for the heating system HTF.  Spray Applied geomembranes are an ideal option when complex work details, including multiple penetrations or complex geometries, are encountered.  Usually, the Spray Applied option also allows installation to be completed without disturbing system operation.


The completed Spray Applied Secondary containment system at the ATCO Pipelines facility provided our client with an aesthetically pleasing and effective containment solution to a troublesome issue.