Spray Applied Secondary Containment Liner

LOCATION: Hinton, Alberta TIMEFRAME: January – February 2012 SCOPE OF WORK: Installation of Secondary Containment Liner within a Westeel Containment System PROJECT PARTNERS Owner: Secure Energy Services Material Supplier and Installer: Layfield Environmental Systems Ltd.

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Secure Energy provides services in oil and gas production, drilling and environmental assessment. The upstream petroleum industry generates significant quantities of produced water during normal ongoing operations which requires proper disposal. This facility provides custom treating and is approved to accept third party sweet and sour produced and waste waters (Class Ib) for deep well injection. Layfield was contracted by Secure Energy to Supply and Install a Secondary Containment Systems which consisted of a Westeel ZGD Containment Wall and a Geomembrane Liner with a large concentration of piles within the containment area.


It was decided that a thermoplastic geomembrane liner was not suitable for this application due to the quantity, density and height of the piles within the containment area. Layfield instead decided to install a Permax 700uv Polyurea spray applied liner within the 15m x 50m westeel containment wall.

The first step in the installation of a spray applied liner is to place a suitable substrate which in this case consisted of a LP8 Non Woven Geotextile. This was installed on top of the subgrade and cut around each pile penetration.

Once the geotextile was installed Hazgard 250 material was installed around each pile to create a pile penetration boot substrate to spray onto.

After the Hazgard was installed the piles were taped off to create a clean liner termination point.

The next step was to spray the Permax 700uv Polyurea onto the geotextile and up the containment system wall.

Finally a batten strip was added to the top perimeter of the containment system to prevent the delamination of the spray applied material from the wall.


In this application due to the large concentration of piles a Spray Applied Liner was the correct product for the job. Layfield was on site for 4 days and provided a leak proof solution to the customer.