Steel Containment System - Fresh Water

LOCATION: Near Ft. St. John, BC TIMEFRAME: May 2011 SCOPE OF WORK: Design and fabrication of a fresh water storage system for 4600 m3 PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Oil and Gas Producer Installation: May 2011 Material supplier: Layfield

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Provide a cost effective and compact storage system for on site fresh water in a remote drilling site in NE BC. There was a requirement for 4600 m3 of fresh water to be stored within the tight confines of a drilling lease pad. Some of the challenges include a tight installation schedule, requirements for safe work procedures, low cost, simple installation without the requirement for on site welding technicians. The Oil and Gas producer had previously had several failures of tanks of this nature due the stiff HDPE liner material they had chosen to use. They required a solution that would be easy to install, cost effective and serviceable in these remote locations. The water storage system includes an engineered Westeel water tank 138’ diameter galvanized steel water tank with 7’ 4” high walls and a large flexible Enviro Liner for primary containment of the required fresh water.


Through our experience in the plant and fabrication capabilities we were able to develop a design for a large one piece liner to perfectly fit this rigid steel tank. The liner was designed as a staggered panel unit to minimize the waste material and reduce the overall weight of the finished product. We specially wind and fold these unit using a technique called butterfly folding – which greatly aides in the ease of deployment of this large section of liner. The liner is deployed into our engineered water tank which is a 138’ diameter galvanized steel tank with 11’ high walls, offering a capacity of 4614 m3 ( 1.2 million gallons ).

As part of this process we developed a special folding method and detailed deployment instructions to aide in a smooth and easy installation.


The finished installation was completed safely un budgeted timeline without leaks or incident. The tank and liner system was installed in 3 days and is now ready to accept inflow of fresh water in preparation for the next required fracturing operation.