StormChamber®- Home Hardware

LOCATION: 650 Division St.Cobourg, ON, Canada  TIMEFRAME: March 15 – 29th 2016 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply StormChambers PROJECT PARTNERS:  Owner: Home Hardware Engineer: K Smart Associates Ltd. Installation: Behan Construction Ltd. Supplier: Layfield Canada

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Background Information and Challenges

The Home Hardware Store in Cobourg, Ontario was newly constructed when the flooding began. Due to flooding, significant amount of damages to the products such as lumber stockpiled behind the store. It was impossible to sell the lumber being soaking wet. Furthermore to the product being damaged, the shipping bays had 4 feet of water after a heavy rainfall. Receiving or shipping was not possible without pumping out the water. This challenge had to be resolved to prevent product damages and continue the shipping and receiving operations.


Working with K. Smart Associate, an engineering firm located in Kitchener, Ontario, Layfield designed a 3 pad StormChamber system. This system was to be installed while the store was open and serving customers.

The small pad system was to provide 41 cubic meters of storage using 12 of StormChamber-34 chambers along with 1 frame, lid and riser pipe. Pad 1 and 3 were designed using 200 of the StormChamber-44, which provided 1025 cubic meter of storage. This required 2 frames, lids and riser pipes per pad. Thus in total the system provided 1066 cubic meter of storage.

The design did not specify for asphalt on top of the system, however the surface was completed using gravel. The design had top cover of 0.61m. Below is a figure during installation of Pad 1 using StormChamber-44.





The back of the Home Hardware Store now has a dry parking lot to store all of their lumber and other supplies outside. Layfield was able to supply and help the design process of 3 pads under tight deadlines, and was successful to minimize the disruption to the Home Hardware Store’s operation during the installation. In total the infiltration system provided 1066 cubic meters of storage for overflow stormwater.