StormChamber - Conestoga College

LOCATION: Cambridge, Ontario TIMEFRAME: September 2010 SCOPE OF WORK: 700m3 StormChamber System PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Conestoga College Client: VanBots/Carillion Installer: Groundworks Construction

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A new campus will become the main site for Conestoga College’s School of Engineering and Information Technology. It is a LEED Platinum certification with funding provided under the Infrastructure Stimulus funding and construction began in 2010. The first phase building is 260, 000 square feet with plans for future development to total 1 million square feet.

The former use of this site was agricultural. The site has sandy soils and glacial till as well as a high groundwater table in many areas. The designers on this project were faced with the task of providing a stormwater management solution with no negative impact to the nearby Blair Creek. That meant that it was critical to maintain base flow through groundwater infiltration and manage surface water runoff in order to prevent peak flows during high storm events.


The overall plan for this site was to allow for stormwater to be captured and directed to underground infiltration galleries within the parking lot and underneath a sports field. Due to the high groundwater table, a shallow system was required that would provide a high volume of storage with a low profile that would infiltrate and recharge the groundwater.

An arched chamber system was selected for the infiltration gallery underneath the sports field with a required water storage volume of 700 m3. Surface water runoff was designed to be collected within manholes and then discharged into the gallery. Initially the design included a different product however Layfield proposed StormChambersTM to the project team as an alternate. StormChambersTM are the largest arched chambers on the market. They have unique Sediment Traps and layout that eliminated the requirement for an isolator or header row, thus reducing costs significantly. The inlet pipe was placed immediately into the first chamber.


The project team selected the StormChambersTM System and the owner approved this due to a significant cost savings. These costs savings were recognized in reduced material costs, a smaller excavation, and reduced aggregate fill. Construction began in September 2011 and was completed on-time, approximately one week after excavation work began.