Stormwater Underground Retention System| Marysville, WA

LOCATION: Marysville, WA: Brentwood 25 Series ST-30" Modular Tank System with Layfield EL 1030 LLDPE Retention Liner.
PROJECT PARTNERS: Supplier - Layfield Geosynthetics

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Project Summary

Background Information and Challenges
The development of the property required a storage capacity of 500,000 Gallons of water storage to meet permitting requirements. Tank installation required a 5’ excavation to encapsulate the system, but the existing grade was 2-4 feet below this. Tank installation could not be started until late October.

Working around the weather, Layfield crews installed Brentwood 25 Series ST-30 Single Stack Modular tanks with ¾” clear rock fill, allowing for full water storage requirements within a Layfield EL 1030 LLDPE 30 Mil Liner. Earthworks contractor brought in pit run style fill that allowed for compact fill around the tanks and then was able to cut out around the edges allowing for installation. Layfield supplied and installed Brentwood Stormwater Tanks with EnviroLiner 1030 30 Mil Liner covering tanks. Layfield EL 1030 30 Mil LLDPE Liner used for long life liner system and quality installation provided by Layfield Installation crews. Brentwood Debris Rows were installed to allow for the capture of particulates for periodic maintenance. Ports at top of the system allow for clean out.

Stormwater system completed the buildings and parking lot completed new facility has all the intended water storage needed to prevent stormwater runoff using in ground storage retention system featuring Brentwood H25 Tanks and Layfield EL 1030 Liner system. System allows for maximizing parking space. Flexibility in the layout allows for cut outs created for trees and plants in and around the stormwater system.