Sunnybrook Sub-Station Treatment

The most economical solution to pump out large volumes of water.

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Clearflow Bazooka

Background Information

To allow for extended capacity, a fore-bay containing over 4,700 m3 of water needed to be pumped out. At first, expensive diversions and even haul and dump tactics were considered, but all of these proved to be far too expensive and bothersome. A solution was devised with Clearflow products. This solution was the most economic and fastest way of tackling the challenge.

The location of discharge was a wetland. This means that water needs to meet regulatory standards of quality. In addition, the water was being discharged into an aquatic and ecological environment. The product used for treatment can pose no toxicological or chemical risk at all. Fortunately, Clearflow products are up to task and they were quickly approved by the regulators.


For this project, Clearflow’s Bazooka and Treated Geo-Jute were used. Implementing this water treatment system was a major success. It allowed the client a fairly simple but effective and economic solution while at the same time meeting all regulatory standards of quality.