The Bentway - Brentwood Stormtank

LOCATION:  Toronto, Ontario TIMEFRAME: Spring/Summer 2017 SCOPE OF WORK: Supply of 331 Brentwood Stormtank Modules with installation support. PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: City of Toronto Engineer: WSP/MMM Contractor: Peter Kiewit Sons Materials Supplier: Layfield Canada Ltd.

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Background Information and Challenge

The Gardiner Expressway runs parallel to the Lake Ontario shoreline in Toronto.  The majority of this1-(3).jpg elevated expressway was built above industrial lands which are now a part of the urban renewal projects for Waterfront Toronto. 

The Bentway will include 1.75km of public spaces to connect neighbourhoods underneath the Gardiner with parks, skating rink,  public market and theatre areas.  Significant stormwater storage was required to control the high volumes running off the Gardiner down to street level  through vertical pipes.


The Brentwood Stormtank Modules were selected to be placed in two separate locations for a total storage of 190 m3.  This Site is very constrained on the north and south, therefore it was important to reduce the space of the overall system and the working area (i.e., excavation and stockpiling).  The Brentwood system provided the smallest footprint and least amount of excavation required due to the high void space of the Brentwood System.


The first Brentwood System tank area was installed in May 2017 with Layfield’s field support in less than one day.  The second Brentwood System will be installed in June 2017.  Overall, the partners are satisfied with the product and support from Layfield.