Train Station Porous Paving GEOPAVE®

LOCATION:Grimsby, Ontario, Canada  PRODUCT: Supply of GEOPAVE® Gravel Porous Pavers PROJECT OWNER: Different Strokes Restaurant MATERIAL SUPPLIER AND INSTALLER: Layfield Geosynthetics DESIGN-BUILD CONTRACTOR: SanaClara Inc.

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Construction of a new restaurant located at the Grimsby Train Station required additional parking capacity for patrons.  The proposed area for additional parking was in proximity to the CN mainline railway. The contractor was not permitted to use the traditional asphalt surface, so another pavement solution was needed. The design-build contractor reached out to Layfield for information on the PRESTO GEOPAVE® Porous Paving System. The GEOPAVE® is high permeability, open-graded aggregate paving system ideal for parking lots to limit runoff and promote infiltration on-site while provided a durable base for vehicle and truck traffic. The GEOPAVE® is a module system manufactured with 97% recycled polyethylene and durable to handle freeze-thaw cycles from our northern climate. The panels have an integrated mesh bottom designed to retain aggregate infill and locked in placed using GEOPAVE® Clips. One thousand five hundred fifty units were deployed in a herringbone pattern to cover this 750m2 parking surface. 

The installation was quick and efficient and took approximately three days to complete this GEOPAVE® project. Shortly after the construction was finished, a heavy rainfall event was experienced in the area. No ponding or pooling of the parking surface was observed on the site. The owner and contractor are very pleased with the outcome.