Turbidity Barrier & EL6060 for Lock 14 Crowe Dam Rehabilitation

LOCATION:  Campbellford, Ontario TIMEFRAME: July 2018 SCOPE OF WORK:  Manage sediment during construction on the upstream and downstream side of the rock dam. PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: Parks Canada, Engineer: Stantec, Contractor: Cegerco, Materials Supplier: Layfield

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Layfield Specified:

DOT Type II Turbidity Barrier & Anchor System for Sediment Control During construction of rock filled coffer dam. EL6060HD Enviroliner Geomembrane – Upstream Coffer Dam Lining.

Background Information and Challenge

Parks Canada Trent Severn Waterway Lock 14 Crowe Bay's dam was constructed in 1913 and due to it's age and the degradation of concrete, required rehabilitation and a bridge replacement. The scope which included bridge demolition and replacement, required construction of a temporary coffer dam for water diversion and the creation of a dry work space.


To protect the aquatic environment surrounding construction, the contractor installed a DOT Type II Turbidity Barrier to manage sediment during construction on the upstream and downstream side of the rock dam. Part of the construction of the rock filled dam included lining the upstream face of the dam with EL6060 geomembrane, which acted as an impermeable barrier to prevent infiltration and erosion of the temporary dam. The geomembrane liner was keyed into the trench at the top, its seams overlapping at 1.5m, and used sand bags and granular for the toe ballast.


Dam was constructed and lined in 1 day. The contractor was very pleased with the outcome and performance of the barrier and lining systems, which were simple to deploy and met expectations.