Turbidity Barrier - OPG HydroElectric Facility

LOCATION: Stoney Falls, Ontario TIMEFRAME: June 2010 – 2015 SCOPE OF WORK: Turbidity Barrier Installation for Sediment Control PROJECT PARTNERS: Ontario Power Generation Layfield KAP Kiewit Alarie Partnership Battlefield Equipment Rentals

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As part of a mandate to increase hydroelectric power supply in the province of Ontario a new hydro electric facility was being constructed at the lower Mattagami River in Northern Ontario. The site is located approximately 1 ½ hours north of Timmins Ontario. During the construction of temporary coffer dams at the new facility harmful sediments are generated creating an inhospitable environment for the downstream fish habitat. In effort to protect the aquatic environment and comply with the Department of Fisheries regulations, a sediment control barrier was required. The turbidity barrier had to be able to withstand the severe climate changes that Northern Ontario experiences during summer and winter and as a result of the duration of the project, a DOT Type II Heavy Duty barrier was selected.


Layfield was contacted by Kiewit Alarie Partnership and Battlefield Equipment Rentals to assess the application and supply a suitable turbidity curtain and proper anchorage kits. A quantity of 66 barriers measuring 16.5’deep x 50’ long were connected in series to contain the sediment. Sections of the DOT TYPE II 22 oz Heavy Duty Turbidity Barrier with 5/16” ballast chain, 12”x12” float and 5/16” cable for anchoring was recommended for this application. Anchorage was provided by a type “A” anchor kit. This heavy duty barrier was necessary to withstand the high flow water conditions and provide a low maintenance long term solution.


The DOT Type II Turbidity Barrier saved considerable time and cost during the installation with it’s one piece design. The turbidity curtains were assembled and furled in the staging area. With the assistance of just a small boat, the project required 2 days to anchor and install the barriers. The client was very pleased with the product performance, as the turbidity barriers performed exactly as expected.