Unsupported Polyproplylene 40mil - Containment

LOCATION: Washington State SCOPE OF WORK: Replace existing liner system in two above ground tank containment systems PROJECT PARTNERS: Owner: North West Chemical Company Contractor: Layfield Environmental Systems

Owner: North West chemical company

Contractor: Layfield Envrionmental Systems

Location: Washington State

Materials: Layfield’s Unsupported Polypropylene

This was a unique project where the owner was required to replace an existing liner system in two existing above ground tank containment systems.  The tanks were designed to hold surface water that is collected from throughout the plant site.  This surface water is required to be treated prior being released into the Columbia River.  The project involved working with the Washington State Department of Ecology, Parametrix Engineering, the owners engineering group as well as various sub contractors.

The scope of the containment project included the following elements:

  • Enlarging one steel wall tank

  • Designing a lining and leak detection sump

  • Pouring a concrete base to slope to the sump

  • Installing a double wall geomembrane lining system

  • Performing Leak testing

After reviewing the performance requirements for this project, Layfield’s 40 mil unsupported polypropylene was chosen at the best material for this application.   The 40-mil polypropylene provided a combination of excellent flexibility, durability and UV resistance.   Layfield was also contracted to perform the installation of containment system.  

There were also a number of follow-up requirements mandated by the governmental agencies. The first phase was completed in October 2004