XR-5 Vapor Barrier

LOCATION: La Mesa, CA TIMEFRAME: April 2009 PRODUCTS: XR-5 Vapor Barrier PROJECT PARTNERS Owner: Starbucks Contractor: Kahl Construction Installation: Layfield

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Starbucks Coffee was planning on installing a retail store in La Mesa, CA. The selected site was an old gas station that had been demolished years before. There was a new gas station directly adjacent to the site as well. Starbucks became concerned about the carbon transmission from the site and did not want that leaking through the foundation and into their retail unit.

This was a very challenging job for Layfield, since there were two retail units on the site and Starbucks wanted both units to have the vapor barrier under the foundation. The foundations of the two units were not going to be poured at the same time. There was also a tremendous amount of pipe and electrical penetrations coming through the foundation of both units.


Layfield proposed the installation of a vapor barrier made out of XR-5 material. The XR-5 material has an excellent track record of blocking gas vapor transmissions. Layfield suggested installing the liner in two phases. The first side of the vapor barrier was installed four months prior to the second side. Layfield’s trained technicians were able to install the first half and leave enough material to attach the second side. There were over 30 pipe penetrations per side to be installed and they were installed with extreme professionalism and attention to detail. The total amount of material installed was about 5,000 SF.


Two separate vapor barriers were connected together to form a continuous barrier under two separate slabs that were poured at different times. Extra time was spent to assure that the vapor barrier penetrations were booted correctly to eliminate as much gas transmission as possible. The installation was completed on budget and on time.

VaporFlex is only manufactured by Layfield Poly Films Limited, strictly adhering to a registered quality management system that meets the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

VaporFlex is readily available through any of our Western U.S. locations, Canadian locations, or various Layfield National Distributor accounts.