Catch Basin Donuts

Efficiently filter stormwater near construction sites. Safe for vehicular traffic.


    • Environmentally-friendly solution to clean water of silt and sediment.
    • Easy to install & maintain
    • Easy removal and disposal
    • Reusable


    • Sediment detention zones; storm water detention pond
    • Emergency overflow for retention or detention systems
    • As a final treatment prior to discharge
    • Parking lots, construction sites, gas stations and industrial sites
    Catch Basin Donuts Specifications

Product Description

Catch Basin Donuts (CBD's) are an inlet control device that is installed on top of the catch basin to collect the silt and sediment while allowing water to pass through freely. The filter fabric wraps around the grate and is fastened with the attached belting and buckles. The protected grate is then reinserted into the frame support. These CBD’s are available in a low flow and a high flow option that will prevent the pooling of water during heavy rainfalls and will allow for a much higher flow rate.

Primary benefits include ease of installation and maintenance. Simply sweep or shovel off the collected sediment from around the catch basin donut and it will become 100% effective again.

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