SediMax™ Sediment Retention Systems

SediMax® sediment control products create temporary, 3D sediment filtration structures perfect for soil stabilization applications where stormwater runoff is a concern.


    • Quicker to install than straw bales and silt fence resulting in lower project costs
    • Facilitates effective filtration without a damming effect
    • Fewer seams than straw bales, reducing risk of sediment discharge


    • Swales & Drainage Ditches
    • Perimeter controls
    • Slope interceptor devices
    • Check dams
    • Temporary soil stockpiles
    • Curb cuts and drain inlets.
    SediMax™ Sediment Retention Systems Specifications

North-American-Green-Logo-2c.pngKeep sediment where it belongs; on construction sites. North American Green SediMax™ Systems sediment retention fibre rolls (SRFRs) protect construction perimeters, slow stormwater runoff and prevent sediment migration. These 100% natural fibre-filled products can dramatically reduce surface sheet erosion and offer superior filtration capacity.

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