SediMax™ Sediment Retention Systems

SediMax sediment control products create temporary, 3D sediment filtration structures perfect for forest fire rehabilitation, bioengineering projects, construction sites, ski slopes, wetland mitigation, and other soil stabilization applications where storm water runoff is a concern. 


    • Quicker to install than straw bales and silt fence resulting in lower project costs
    • Facilitates effective filtration without a damming effect
    • Fewer seams than straw bales, reducing risk of sediment discharge


    • Swales & Drainage Ditches
    • Perimeter controls
    • Slope interceptor devices
    • Check dams
    • Temporary soil stockpiles
    • Curb cuts and drain inlets.
    SediMax™ Sediment Retention Systems Specifications

Keeping sediment where it belongs on active construction sites, bioengineering projects, steep slopesNorth-American-Green-Logo-2c.png and wet areas can be a tough challenge. North American Green SediMax™ Systems sediment retention fiber rolls (SRFRs) protect construction perimeters, slow stormwater runoff and prevent sediment migration. These 100% natural fiber filled products can dramatically reduce surface sheet erosion and offer superior filtration capacity.

Used as a Best Management Practice (BMP) for capturing and retaining sediment, SediMax™ Systems trap soil particles while filtering runoff water to protect waterways, sidewalks and roads from sediment accumulation. While the EPA strongly advises against the traditional use of straw or hay bales on construction sites, SediMax™ Systems can be used for a wide range of applications.

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