Silt Bag

Layfield's Silt Bag is a geotextile filter for removing silt from the water eliminating hazardous materials before they can damage the environment.


    • Silt Removal
    • Easier to use
    • Eliminate waste disposal costs
    • Custom sizes available


    • To separate silts from pumped water
    • For low volume dewatering on construction sites
    • For sludge dewatering see our Geotube product
    Silt Bag Specifications

Product Description

The Silt Bag is designed to filter water as it is pumped from a storage site, removing hazardous materials such as silt before they can damage the environment. Layfield's silt bag is a valuable environmental protection tool and an economical choice for preventing costly clean-up of a stormwater system.

Layfield's Silt bag is generally constructed from a sturdy nonwoven geotextile such as LP6 or LP8 and comes with a fabric flange fitted for a 6" hose. Once fully drained, The Silt Bag and its contents can be disposed of as solid waste, an economical alternative to waste water or sludge disposal. The contents of the Silt Bag can also be returned to the soil on your site, eliminating waste disposal costs.

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