Spring Berms

Spring Berms reduce the flow velocity of water runoff and erosion in storm channels and highway ditches.


    • Lightweight, compact silt control device
    • Reduces runoff flow velocity and retains silt
    • Requires no posts or trenching
    • Easily clipped together to any length


    • Stormwater channels and ditches
    • Silt control on slopes
    • Construction site silt containment
    Spring Berms Specifications

Product Description

Spring Berms are made from a tubular fabric body with skirts extending from upstream and downstream sides for anchoring the barrier to the ground. 

A helical metal spring in the body holds the body in the installed position. The product is supplied in a compressed state and held together with special clips. In the compressed state, the Spring Berm takes minimal shipping space. When installed, the product's nominal dimensions are 12" diameter by 6' long, with an 18 inch skirt on each side. 

Multiple lengths of Spring Berm can be joined using the special clips. The fabric is designed to slow down the flow velocity of water in the channel and trap sediment. Layfield recommends that the Spring Berm be used in conjunction with an erosion control blanket.

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