Wire Backed Silt Fence

Wire Backed Silt Fence incorporates an effective filter fabric supported with a durable 14-gauge wire mesh.


    • Strong silt fence
    • Holds plenty of silt before it requires cleaning
    • Doubles as a safety fence around a job site
    • Steel t-post is available


    • Silt control at construction sites
    • Mount on t-post around the perimeter
    • Stormwater drainage systems
    Wire Backed Silt Fence Specifications

Product Description

This variation of the traditional Silt Fence style provides rugged, reliable, and low-maintenance silt control. Wire-Backed Silt Fence will effectively protect stormwater drainage systems from fouling with silt and protects them from environmental liability due to silt leaving your project site. Wire Backed Silt Fence is constructed with a three or four-foot high wire scrim (0.9 m or 1.22 m), covered with either a woven or a non-woven polypropylene filter fabric. 

The galvanized steel scrim supports the fabric upright, even under substantial loads of silt and water. A fabric apron extending beyond the wire is also available. The apron extends across the anchoring trench beneath the Silt Fence and helps to anchor the fence and prevent undercutting. Layfield can provide metal T Posts and ties to secure the Wire Backed Silt Fence in position.

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