AquaDam® Cofferdams

Create A Dry And Safe Work Environment On Your Job Site

Water is one of the most challenging and costly obstacles in your construction project. AquaDam® Cofferdams play a critical role by blocking or diverting the flow of water from your site, allowing the work area to be dewatered. Creating a dry work environment also ensures that the work will be carried out safely and with minimal impact on the environment.

AquaDam® is lightweight, easy to handle, and can be used virtually anywhere. This unique combination of properties makes AquaDam® ideal for a wide range of applications, including stream crossings during pipeline installation, water containment during repairs to bridges, or used as a barrier to prevent erosion control through diversion or containment.

Why Use An AquaDam® Cofferdam In Construction?

Creates a Tight Seal

Due to the flexible nature of a water-filled cofferdam, it conforms to irregularities in the surface as it is deployed. This creates a low-maintenance and continuous seal, preventing water from entering your job site.

Fill Material Readily Available

Nearby water is all you need to inflate an AquaDam® Cofferdam.

Environmentally Sustainable Solution

AquaDam® Cofferdams can be cleaned and reused with proper handling and have little to no impact on the surrounding environment.

Additional Features

  • Creates a safe work environment throughout the project
  • Can use any locally available water source
  • Deploys quickly with minimal labor
  • Cost-effective and sustainable dewatering solution
  • Join dams together to form structures of any length
  • Design prevents rolling of the dams
AquaDam® Cofferdams

Pipeline Crossings

AquaDam® allows you to construct large-diameter pipeline crossings in streams and rivers with minimal environmental disturbance.

Bridge Pier Repair

Allows workers to dewater the worksite when used in bridge construction and repair, creating a dry environment for underwater sections of the structure.

Shoreline Restoration

During shoreline rebuilds or repairs, AquaDam® provides an efficient way to dewater the worksite and control sediment, protecting the natural environment.

Product Details

AquaDam® Cofferdams are a water-filled portable dam that can be positioned to contain or divert the flow of water. Lightweight and easy to install, they can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Specification Sheet

AquaDam® Cofferdam Technical Specifications

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