Baffle Curtains

Direct Water Flows To Increase Residence Time In Ponds Or Reservoirs

Improve flow characteristics and increase the effectiveness of your water treatment processes with a fixed or floating geosynthetic baffle system. Enhancing your existing water treatment system with baffle curtains can eliminate the need for costly upgrades or renovations to meet regulation standards.

In potable water applications, prefabricated baffles increase chlorine contact time by creating a longer flow path within the clearwell, improving water treatment performance. In effluent treatment, a floating baffle curtain eliminates short-cutting, ensuring the water has had the required residence time for the best treatment effectiveness.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Layfield Baffle Curtain?

Tailored for all Sizes

Fixed and floating baffle curtains are available for all sizes of ponds and reservoirs.

Customizable System

We can fabricate and install baffles from different materials to suit your specific water applications.

Efficient Treatment

By reducing or eliminating dead zones, baffle curtains can improve treatment efficiency.

Additional Features

  • Direct water into a longer path, promoting plug flow
  • Increases water treatment effectiveness in ponds and tanks
  • Easily installed in clearwells and ponds
  • Customized to fit most designs, floating or fixed applications
Baffle Curtains

Product Details

Baffle curtains prevent short-cutting and improve flow characteristics, increasing water treatment’s effectiveness in potable water and effluent treatment applications.


Specification Sheet

HypaFlex® CSPE Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

XR-5 Technical Specifications

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