HeatGard® Geomembranes

Critical Containment In The Harshest Conditions

Your critical containment infrastructure demands the best in longevity, toughness, and chemical resistance. HeatGard® is made from next-generation bimodal resins that retain antioxidants for an unprecedented length of time. This retention over time is vital to extending the service life of a geomembrane.

Environmental Stress Cracking (ESCR), a common failure mechanism, can be combatted with lower-density resins, which generally lead to less stress cracking risk. Unfortunately, this also leads to lower chemical resistance. With HeatGard® made from bi-modal resins, the resulting product has a stronger crystal from both the high molecular weight portion and the lower molecular weight polyethylene. The result is a more robust product with a very low risk of stress cracking and a high level of chemical resistance.

What Makes HeatGard So Resilient?

Withstands High-Temperature Exposure

Typical HDPE materials are unsuitable for extended periods above 60°C [140°F]. HeatGard® can withstand continuous use at 85°C [185°F] for over 20 years.

Excellent Longevity In Harsh Environments

  • Chlorine resistant (70% HPOIT retained after one year)
  • UV stable (80% HPOIT retained 1600 hours UV)
  • Brine resistant (70% HPOIT retained after one year at 100°C

Wide Format Rolls for Fast Installation

Fewer seam welding requirements makes for a quicker installation and lower instances of possible failure.

Additional Features

  • Long-life at high temperatures
  • Superior chlorine resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Hot liquid resistance (brine)
  • Potable hot water resistance
  • Over a year of exposure testing completed
HeatGard® Geomembranes


  • Hot Brine Containment
  • Secondary Containment Liner Under Heated Tanks
  • Bioreactor (High Temperature) Landfills
  • Hot Potable Water Containment
  • Mining Process Water, Tailing, and Leaching Containments
  • Long-term Chlorinated Water Containment

Product Details

HeatGard® is a high-temperature resistant geomembrane with excellent chlorine and chemical resistance, is fully stabilized against UV light exposure and has excellent stress cracking resistance.


Specification Sheet

HeatGard® Technical Specification

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Case Studies

Discover a wide range of completed Layfield projects in various applications worldwide.

Casper/Natrona International Airport | Diesel Aircraft Fire Fighting Training Pit
HeatGard® Used in Next Generation Solar and Thermal Pit Storage Project


Our Technical Services Team continuously creates and presents webinars and lunch presentations to better educate our clients. We would be happy to provide you and your group with a customized presentation based on your specific needs. We are also pleased to provide a series of pre-recorded webinars curated for this product group and shown below.

Thu 13
Environmental Containment

Next Generation Geomembranes: Introducing HeatGard, GeoFlex, and VaporFlex

Join Layfield’s Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, as he discusses Layfield’s next-generation geomembranes, developed with the highest quality resins and additives to withstand the most challenging environments. Our webinar will provide insight into the key performance properties and suitable applications for these materials.

Tue 23
Environmental Containment

Geomembrane Manufacturing Using Blown Film Process

Join Layfield Geosynthetics Deep Gulati, Technical Services Manager – Extrusion, and Justin Gouthreau, Engineering Business Manager – Group Manager, as they explain how geomembranes are manufactured using several processes like blown film, cast film, and calendaring. This webinar will focus on manufacturing smooth and nitrogen-textured co-extruded geomembranes using blown film process.

Thu 13
Environmental Containment, Installation and Maintenance

Advanced Geosynthetics for Landfill and Waste Applications

Join Layfield Geosynthetics Rohit Sati, Technical Services Manager — Containment and Enclosure Systems, and Brian Fraser, Vice President – Strategic Business Development, for an educational webinar outlining new industry innovations with geomembranes and geocomposites in waste containment applications. This webinar features the following topics: New Bi-Modal Heatgard® HDPE Geomembranes, HydraNet™ Geocomposite Drainage Products, Geovolt® Conductive Composite for Electrical Leak Detection, and GeoFlex® Geomembranes.

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