Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane

Guard Your New Construction Against Harmful Vapors And Gases

Layfield’s Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane liners act as a vapor barrier system that can restrict naturally occurring gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from migrating through the ground and concrete slab.

This seven-layer co-extruded barrier is made from state-of-the-art polyethylene and EVOH resins, providing unmatched impact strength and superior gas and moisture transmission resistance. Layfield’s  Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane is up to 100 times less permeable than typical high-performance polyethylene vapor retarders against Methane, Radon, and other harmful VOCs, allowing you to construct healthy and safe buildings.

What’s The Difference Between Layfield’s Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane  And Other Geomembrane Barriers?

Wide Range of Chemical Testing Completed

Tested to a wide range of VOCs, including benzene, toluene, and xylene, Layfield's Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane demonstrates the highest barrier characteristics.

Enhanced Performance Properties

EVOH is a flexible thermoplastic copolymer with excellent flex-crack resistance and very high resistance to hydrocarbons, oils, and organic solvents.

Resistance To Decay And Degradation

The EVOH film is encapsulated between layers of polyolefin film to protect it from the elements.

Additional Features

  • Superior puncture resistance
  • Odor management
  • Can be prefabricated in large panels for easy install
  • Suitable for a broad range of applications

Brownfield Remediation

Vapor Management and Geomembrane systems can help with cleanup activities at brownfield sites, where the presence of hazardous substances, pollutants, or contaminants may limit the redevelopment or reuse.

Underbuilding Liner

Install Layfield’s Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane under and around foundations to help prevent gas and moisture from entering the building, which could cause adverse health effects.

Landfill Liners and Covers

Layfield’s Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane has excellent resistance to landfill leachate and can significantly reduce the volumetric flow of chemicals and solvents into the ground.

Product Details

Layfield’s Ulta Low Perm Geomembrane is a seven-layer co-extruded geomembrane barrier with an ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) core layer, designed as an excellent barrier to methane, radon, and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Specification Sheet,

Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane – 30 Mil Technical Specification

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Specification Sheet,

Ultra Low Perm Geomembrane – 40 Mil Technical Specification

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Case Studies

Discover a wide range of completed Layfield projects in various applications worldwide.

VOC Barrier with VaporFlex® Premium in Coquitlam
Vapor Barrier Nakal'Bun Elementary School


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Thu 18
Environmental Containment

Next Generation Geomembranes: Introducing HeatGard, GeoFlex, and VaporFlex

Join Layfield’s Rohit Sati, Technical Product Manager – Containment and Enclosure Systems, as he discusses Layfield’s next-generation geomembranes, developed with the highest quality resins and additives to withstand the most challenging environments. Our webinar will provide insight into the key performance properties and suitable applications for these materials.

Tue 7
Environmental Containment

Under-slab Barrier Selection For Water Vapor and Soil and Gas

Join Layfield Geosynthetics Justin Gouthreau, Engineering Business Manager – Group Manager, as he discusses under-slab barrier options to manage soil gases from contaminates encountered in brownfield development. The presentation will discuss typical barrier design, installation, and address common challenges faced during installation.

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